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This accelerated fast track course concentrates on the popular Red Hat Enterprise Linux distribution, and covers subjects ranging from initial installation of Linux to day-to-day administrative tasks such as management of user accounts and disk space. Also covered is setup and maintenance of many of the most popular network services available for Linux, including servers for DNS, SMB, e-mail servers, FTP, web, and caching proxy. Special attention is paid to the concepts needed to implement these services securely, and to the trouble-shooting skills which will be necessary for real-world administration of network and system services.

Individuals wishing to take this class should already have a solid grounding in UNIX administration concepts. Fundamentals such as an understanding of the Linux filesystem, process management, and the ability to manipulate and edit files is considered a must and will not be covered in class. An understanding of network concepts and the TCP/IP protocol suite is helpful.

5 Days/Lecture & Lab

Intended for administrators proficient in UNIX environments, this course helps administrators transition their UNIX skills to the Linux environment. T

  • Installing Rhel5/Fc6
  • Installing Sles10/Sl10.1
  • Pc Hardware & Linux
  • Post-Install System
  • Boot Process And Sysv Init
  • User/Group Administration And Nfs
  • Filesystem Administration
  • Lvm & Raid
  • Task Automation & Process Accounting
  • Client Networking
  • The X Window System
  • Security Concepts
  • Linux Kernel Compilation
  • Dns Concepts
  • Configuring Bind
  • Openldap Servers
  • Using Openldap
  • Using Apache
  • Virtual Hosting With Apache
  • Apache Security
  • Implementing An Ftp Server
  • The Squid Proxy Server
  • Samba Concepts
  • Using Samba
  • Sendmail
  • Postfix
  • Imap, Pop, Spam Filtering & Web Mail
  • Troubleshooting

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