Linux Network Security

This extremely popular class focuses on network security, and makes an excellent companion class to the Enterprise Linux Security Administration course. After a detailed discussion of the TCP/IP suite component protocols and Ethernet operation, the student practices using various tools to capture, analyze, and generate IP traffic. Students then explore the tools and techniques used to exploit protocol weaknesses and perform more advanced network attacks. After building a thorough understanding of network based attacks, course focus shifts to the defensive solutions available. Students install, configure, and test one of the most popular and powerful NIDS solutions available. Finally, students create a Linux based router / firewall solution, including advanced functionality such as NAT, policy routing, and traffic shaping.
Since the tools used in class are compiled and run on a Linux system, Linux or UNIX system experience is helpful, but not necessary. A solid background in networking concepts will greatly aid incomprehension. This is an intense class that covers many topics.
5 Days/Lecture & Lab
Ethernet and IP Operation::IP and ARP Vulnerability Analysis::UDP/TCP Protocol and TELNET Vulnerability Analysis::FTP and HTTP Vulnerability Analysis::DNS Protocol Vulnerability Analysis::SSH and HTTPS Protocol Vulnerability Analysis::Remote Operating System Detection::Attacks and Basic Attack Detection::Intrusion Detection Technologies::Advanced Snort Configuration::Snort Rules::Linux and Static Routing::Linux Firewalls::Network and Port Address Translation

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