Linux Performance Management

Performance management in the UNIX environment has always been challenging, due in large part to its complexity and lack of tools and methodology. The Linux development community has created and ported several performance management utilities that give an administrator better insight into the performance of a system, as well as greater control over how the system allocates resources to applications. While performance management remains a complex subject, this course provides a strong methodology for determining the causes of system bottlenecks and ways to eliminate those bottlenecks. This course also includes extensive "real world" lab exercises that reinforce the learning experience.
Students must have a background in Linux system administration and networking.
4 Days/Lecture & Lab
This course is designed for experienced system administrators who are responsible for monitoring, evaluating and tuning servers and workstations running the Linux operating system.
An Overview of Linux performance Management::CPU Performance Management::Memory Performance Management::File I/O Performance Management::Network Performance Management::Application Tuning

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