Linux Shell Programming

This 3-day course provides a thorough introduction to Linux shell programming with focus on Bourne, Korn, and BASH shells. The presentation is an integrated mixture of lecture and workshop activities that introduce and reinforce the basic techniques and approaches to working with Linux commands, the shell, and shell programs. Workshop activities follow the classroom material and are designed for both topic reinforcement and practice. All topics are supported by workshops. This should be taken after the 3-day Introduction to Linux course.
Students should have a familiarity with Linux and ability to create and edit a text file with the editor vi or other Linux editor.
3 Days/Lecture & Lab
This course is intended for Programmers, application developers, computer analysts, and other Linux users who need to read, maintain, or create shell programs.
  • Review of Fundamentals
  • Shell Environment
  • Positional Parameters
  • User-defined Variables
  • Nested Commands (“command substitution”)
  • If Control Structure
  • Looping Control Structures
  • Case Control Structure
  • let Command and the {{ }} Syntax

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