Linux System Administration I

This course focuses on basic- to intermediate-level administration in the Linux environment. Red Hat Linux 7.x will be used for this course.
To gain the most from this course, students must have experience with the Linux or UNIX operating system, including commands and utilities, pipelines; with shell programming; and have programming experience.
5 Days/Lecture & Lab
  • Learn to install and configure a Linux system
  • Gain hands-on knowledge about startup, shutdown, backups, filesystem, maintenance, and crisis management
  • Learn to install system software updates.
  • Create user accounts while maintaining security
  • Perform system management for startup, shutdown and backups
  • Recover from common catastrophes
  • Installing Red Hat Linux
  • System Startup and Shutdown
  • The Linux File System
  • X windows and the GNOME and KDE Desktop Environment
  • User and Group Administration
  • Integration of Workstations
  • Linux Printing Subsystem
  • Automating Tasks with at, cron, and anacron
  • Backups
  • Software Packages with RPM
  • The Linux Kernel
  • Management of Performance, Process and Memory
  • Basic Host Security
  • Perform Basic Troubleshooting

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