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This course takes you through an in depth look at the administrative duties involved in connecting and maintaining a Linux based server.

The students should have a familiarity with Linux commands, directory structure and the text editor. The student is expected to have experience with RPM, the Red Hat Package Manager, for the purposes of installing or updating applications.

5 Days/Lecture & Lab

Prospective system administrators who are already familiar with the Linux operating system, but desire more detailed and specialized information as listed below. This course concentrates on the Red Hat distribution of Linux, but a variety of software packages for other systems are also discussed.

  • Configuring TCP/IP Communications
  • Security Policies and Practices
  • Password Security
  • Host-based Security
  • Firewalls and Network Address Translation (NAT)
  • Overview of Open Source Software Security Tools
  • Introduction to Open Source Cryptographic Tools
  • Secure Data Copying over a Public Network
  • Configuring a Client for NIS and DHCP Support
  • Linux as NFS Client and NFS Server
  • Configuring an Anonymous FTP Server
  • Understanding the Apache Web Server
  • Configuring the X Window System and GNOME/KDE
  • Building Custom Installation Packages for RPM
  • Overview of Linux Clustering Technology

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