Linux System Administration

This course combines lectures and hands-on exercises that teach the skills necessary to install and manage a typical Linux system. It includes basic system management concepts appropriate for new administrators, as well as Linux-specific topics appropriate for those experienced in managing other UNIX systems.
Students should have a working familiarity with the Linux operating system or some other UNIX-based operating system, including experience using the vi editor, navigating the hierarchical file system and using basic commands. The latter skill set can be obtained by attending the following ProTech training course: Linux Fundamentals.
5 Days/Lecture & Lab
This course is designed for new and experienced UNIX system administrators who will manage computers using the Linux operating system.
An Overview of Linux System Administration::Using RPM::Managing User Accounts and Security::Managing System Hardware::Linux Disk Management::File Systems::Linux Backup and Restore::System Startup and Shutdown::Linux Memory Management::System Installation::Building a Linux Kernel::Linux Job Scheduling::Logging::Basic Linux Network Configuration

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