Load Data into an Essbase Database

This course builds on the knowledge learned in the courses Building Essbase Outlines and Essbase Dynamic Dimension Building. Learn how to load data into Essbase databases using the Data Prep Editor within the Essbase Administration Services (EAS) Console. This course is very hands-on, with practical examples and exercises that help the student build a complete application and database.
Students should have experience building Essbase Outlines and Essbase Dynamic Dimension Building courses or the knowledge of how to use the EAS console to build dimensions and their members and properties. Also knowledge of Generation, Level, and Parent/Child concepts and member properties and aliases would be helpful..
2 1/2 Hours/Lecture
This course is designed for analysts and designers of Essbase applications, database administrators, power users and support personnel.
  • Data load concepts
  • Data load methods
  • Smart View Submit Data
  • Free Form data loading
  • Data Prep Editor
  • Rules file concepts
  • 10 step process to load data using a rules file
  • Trouble shoot an invalid rules file

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