Logic, Design, & Programming

This course gives the attendee the perfect foundation for programming and approaching ANY task with logic, efficiency, and effectiveness. In addition, methodology of system fundamentals, decision-making, and problem analyzing/solving are discussed in detail. Topics are reinforced with written and oral exercises. If all attendees are going to learn the same programming language, that language can be interwoven into the later lessons.
There are no prerequisites for this course.
4 Days/Lecture & Lab
All persons interested in programming or learning the skills of logic
  • Describe the Basics of Logic
  • Identify the Players in the Life Cycle of a Program
  • Explain the Basic Life Cycle of a Program
  • Identify the Programming Process Steps
  • Create in Text the Statement of Process
  • Identify Input and Output
  • Complete Logic Exercises
  • Describe Why a Flowchart is Used
  • Use Flowcharts
  • Explain Purposes and Limitations of Flowcharts
  • Use Flowchart Symbols
  • Complete Flowchart Exercises
  • Specify Details on Detailed Flowcharts
  • Create a Detailed Flowchart
  • Describe Uses and Limitations of Details
  • Detailed Flowchart: Create Your Own
  • Translate: Detailed Flowcharts for Programs
  • Complete Exercises
  • Explain the Priming Read in Programming
  • Complete Exercises

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