Lotus Notes for the Technical User

Training Summary
This course is an advanced presentation of some of the more technical user features of Notes. Users who appreciate a challenging experience will enjoy venturing into Notes database design and automation features.
The student should have a strong knowledge of Notes and at least three months' experience using Notes. A working knowledge of writing worksheet formulas is highly recommended.
1 Day/Lecture & Lab
This course is intended for Notes users who serve as technology leaders for other Notes users and who have been given editor or designer access to Notes databases and help desk personnel responsible for user support and the maintenance of databases created by Notes application developers.
Course Topics
Full text indexing a database and writing simple queries::Linking and embedding objects from other applications::Creating local replica copies of databases and writing selective replication formulas::Customizing SmartIcon sets and creating new icons using macro formulas::Using basic formulas and functions to create private views::Importing and exporting data at the view and document levels

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