macOS 100: Introduction to macOS Monterey

macOS 100: Introduction to macOS Monterey is a hands-on class designed to help beginning Mac users and transitioning Windows users become more familiar in using the macOS.
Students should have practical working knowledge of computers.
1 Day/Lecture & Lab
This class is designed for those new to the macOS Monterey platform who need to obtain the skills to support other macOS users. This could include entry level IT personnel in businesses that use macOS systems for general productivity or creative design, service technicians who support macOS customers, and technical coordinators or power users who manage networks of macOS systems for their organization – such as teachers and technology specialists who manage a classroom network or computer labs.
  • Finder Basics
  • Navigating the File System
  • Manage System Settings
  • Managing Applications
  • Working with Multiple Users
  • Managing Networks Services
  • Monterey's New Features
  • How to Troubleshoot macOS

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