Macromedia Flash 8: Level 3

You have previously identified the methods for creating and managing simple Flash content for deployment over the web, as well as the usage of ActionScript commands to enhance the content. The development of more dynamic Flash content, however, requires the knowledge of advanced features and design techniques in Flash 8.
To ensure students' success with this course, we recommend that they first take the following ProTech courses or have equivalent knowledge: Macromedia Flash 8: Level 1, Macromedia Flash 8: Level 2
1 Day/Lecture & Lab
This course is designed for students who want to acquire an in-depth understanding of techniques used to create dynamic web applications using Flash 8.
  • Managing Symbols and Instances
  • Organizing Projects
  • Creating Interactivity in Flash
  • Working with Sounds
  • Working with Video Objects
  • Publishing a Flash Movie

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