Making Persuasive REAL ROI Return on Investment Value Business Cases

Companies are demanding reliable financial measures of proposed projects value. Yet, project managers often dont know how to identify, calculate, or communicate a projects REAL ROI (Return on Investment). Traditional ROI calculations increasingly are being criticized for telling only part of the necessary story. The difficulty afflicts all types of projects but often is greatest in areas like IT, where benefits may seem intangible and frequent overruns impact estimates credibility. This interactive workshop shows how to identify full-story key effects on revenue and expense variables, reliably quantify tangible and intangible costs and benefits, and convincingly communicate the business value of project investments. Exercises enhance learning by allowing participants to practice applying practical techniques to a real case.
There are no prerequisites required for this course.
1 Day/Lecture & Lab
This course has been designed for business, systems, and project managers as well as analysts, implementers, users, and others who must know the return on project investments.
  • What Money Has To Do With It
  • Determining Meaningful Benefits
  • Estimating Credible Costs
  • Reporting and Monitoring

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