Making the Transition from Co-Worker to Team Leader

Training Summary
It is seldom easy to assume a position of authority over those who have previously been your colleagues and peers. This workshop will help you address the challenges and difficulties of making the transition from co-worker to boss. Youll learn tools and techniques to achieve a balance between your existing relationships with co-workers and the requirements of the new management role.The workshop is interactive and fun, making use of case studies and role play.
There are no prerequisites required for this course.
1 Day/Lecture
This workshop will benefit anyone who has recently become, or shortly will become, a new leader, and wants the tools to make the transition from co-worker to boss.
Course Topics
  • How to develop a management perspective
  • Communication skills for handling changes in relationships
  • Understanding what the team needs from you
  • Deciding what you need from the team
  • Communicating effectively through team meetings

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