Manage and Merchandise a B2C Commerce Cloud Store - Extended CCM-101

Training Summary
Discover how to present products in a compelling way on a B2C Commerce Cloud storefront so you can turn customers into repeat customers. In this 5-day extended* class, you’ll learn how to improve conversion rates and increase the average order size of shoppers. Our B2C Commerce Cloud experts will walk you through how to organize an existing site, use best practices in search and online marketing, enhance the shopper experience, and leverage analytics to understand what products are selling best and why.
Before taking this course, students should take the following courses: Salesforce B2C Commerce Overview and Introduction to the Commerce Cloud Business Manager.
5 Days/Lecture & Lab
This course is designed for merchants, marketers, and content managers.
Course Topics
  • Getting Started
  • Shop Organization
  • Search & Sort
  • Online Marketing
  • Shopper Experience
  • Analysis and Optimization

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