Manager's WebSphere Overview

Training Summary
The course provides a high level overview of the IBM WebSphere e-commerce platform and the latest Java technologies it uses. By means of lectures, discussions, product demonstrations and question and answer sessions, the audience will become familiar with the usage, features and capabilities of WebSphere platform. A more detailed coverage is provided for the latest and most powerful WebSphere application development tool: WebSphere Studio Application Developer.
The student must be familiar with the IT industry and the World Wide Web.
1 Day/Lecture & Lab
This course is designed for managers and IT professionals interested in learning more about the WebSphere platform products.
Course Topics
WebSphere Platform Overview::Distributed Web Application Overview::Distributed Web Application Overview::WebSphere Development Tools::WebSphere Studio Application Developer Overview (WSAD)::WSAD Its Features and Perspectives::WebSphere Presentation Tools::WebSphere Integration and Deployment Tools::WebSphere Application Server Overview

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