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What cannot be measured cannot have its performance be monitored. So is the case with internal organizations which are the instruments of corporate performance. Management by Metrics, or MbM for short, is the prescription of a managerial approach that believes the science of metrology can be applied to the practice of management. If weather around our planet can be forecast with precision or satellites can be landed with perfection on distant planets there is no reason why process performance in organizations cannot be forecast and managed for optimal performance. Employees and managers need to understand that they come together in organizations to achieve corporate wealth as a corollary of which individual prosperity is also assured. Once this common understanding is in place in an organization, the perspective for measurement, skill or performance of each and every critical process and it's result in an organization, is well set. For most business professionals today, business intelligence, dashboards, and balanced scorecards give the insight needed for financial forecasting, decision-making, and most managing decisions.

There are no prerequisites for this course.

1 day /Lecture & Lab

This course is designed for managers, buyers, team leaders, operations and customer focused professionals.

  • Introduction to Managing with Metrics
  • Program Management - The Process
  • Define Objectives and Goals
  • Translating Outcomes to Key Performance
  • Indicators (KPI)
  • Driving Outcomes through Processes/Behaviors
  • Collecting KPI Data
  • Analyzing Metrics
  • Taking Corrective Action

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