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Managing change is a critical yet sometimes underappreciated skill for leaders of today. One of the great ironies of the workplace is that the only thing that doesn't change is the persistent need for change itself! This workshop explores our love-hate relationship with change, dissecting the "change paradox" and revealing the root cause of adverse emotional reactions to change. Through interactive case studies and group discussion, participants will journey from "managing change" to "leading change", uncovering the fundamental differences between "required change and inspired change", and exploring the range of roadblocks and success factors that influence success.While most change management models begin on an organizational or "process" level, research shows that problems with the people dimension of change is the most commonly cited reason for project failures. The power of our model is that it adopts a people-oriented approach that helps focus energy on the area that will produce the highest probability for success. This session is led by a Leadership Training expert with over 20 years' experience facilitating workshops, hosting seminars and publishing white papers on foundational leadership principles.

There are no prerequisites required for this class.

2 Days/Lecture & Lab

Leaders and aspiring leaders who are faced with the daily challenge of spearheading change on an organizational level, project level or personal level. If you or your team members struggle with accepting change, initiating change or managing change, this workshop will uncover the roadblocks and expose techniques and strategies that will "change the way people deal with change".

  • Exploring the Human Desire for Change
  • Leading Change versus Managing Change The Journey
  • Moving to the People Dimension of a Change Management Strategy
  • Techniques, Tools and Resources for a sustainable change
  • Identifying the Need for Change - "Inspired Leadership"

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