Managing Information Security

This course is designed to enable business managers, team leaders, and executives to develop a best practices guide to information security, including how to identify the risks an organization faces, and how to develop a management plan to minimize them.
There are no prerequisites for this course.
2 Days/Lecture
This course is of high value to team leaders, managers, and executives who work with corporate, government, or otherwise sensitive information assets, and have taken the Information Security Fundamentals course.
  • Understand the role of Information Security in business and government
  • Know valuable information about the methods, motivations and abilities of hackers
  • Properly construct a flexible and effective security policy
  • Use best practices to secure and protect servers, desktops, applications, and information
  • Conduct vulnerability scans and audits of networks, systems
  • Threat Risk Assessment
  • External Risks to Information Security
  • Internal Risks to Information Security
  • Effective Safeguards for Information

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