Managing Iterative Projects

This course covers the Iterative process of developing software. It includes a simplified version of the Rational Unified Process including the basic phases of development, all the tasks in each phase, who is responsible for completing those tasks, and the deliverables to be produced. The course also covers topics such as developing an iterative project plan, a comparison of estimating techniques, and pros and cons of current development practices such as Agile Modeling or eXtreme Programming.This class is targeted to first and second line managers, and technical leads. Other people who will find this course useful are the project architect and senior development staff.
Management or leadership experience is helpful, but not required.
3 Days/Lecture & Lab
  • Introduction to Managing OO Projects
  • The Software Development Process
  • Iterative Development and Identifying Risk
  • Inception
  • Elaboration
  • Planning Iterations
  • Construction
  • Intro to UML
  • Transition
  • The Impact of Reuse on the Development Process
  • Project Metrics
  • Testing
  • The Development Team
  • Automating the Development Process
  • Documentation What is Required and When?
  • Tailoring the OO Process
  • Transitioning to OO
  • Surviving Your First OO Project

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