Managing Projects Using Visual Studio 2013 and Scrum

Take your software development projects to the next level with this 3-day Agile project management course. Using a combination of lecture, hands-on activities, and team-based exercises, you will get an overview of developing software using the Scrum framework. Learn how Scrum supports software development and get hands-on experience using the Application Lifecycle Management tools found in Microsoft Visual Studio 2013. See how the fusion of Scrum + Visual Studio can enable a high-performance Scrum Development Team.
Some project management and software development experience, either as a team member or as a project manager, is preferred but not required. Experience using Visual Studio is helpful but also not required. Prior to class you should download and read the latest Scrum Guide.
3 Days/Lecture & Lab
Managers, developers, architects, and testers who need to ensure that the entire process of creating a software application runs as smoothly and predictably as possible. Anyone wanting to know more about Scrum, experience working in an Agile way, or explore the ALM tools in Visual Studio. Technical as well as non-technical professionals, managers and developers will benefit from this class.
  • The Scrum Framework
  • Change Is Hard
  • Overcoming Dysfunction
  • Visual Studio Alm
  • Team Projects
  • Visual Studio Scrum
  • Managing Work In A Scrum Project
  • Managing Change In A Scrum Project
  • Managing Builds In A Scrum Project

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