Managing Security Vulnerabilities; Enterprise and Cloud

Training Summary
This course will show you the most effective ways to mature your vulnerability management program and move from identifying vulnerabilities to successfully treating them. You will learn how to move past the hype to successfully prioritize the vulnerabilities that are not blocked, then clearly and effectively communicate the risk associated with the rest of the vulnerabilities in your backlog that, for a variety of reasons, cannot currently be remediated. You'll also learn what mature organizations are doing to ease the burden associated with vulnerability management across both infrastructure and applications as well as across both their cloud and non-cloud environments.
A basic understanding of risk management objectives and IT systems and operations is recommended for this course.
5 Days/Lecture & Lab
This course is designed for:
  • CISOs
  • Information security managers, officers, and directors
  • Information security architects, analysts, and consultants
  • Aspiring information security leaders
  • Risk management professionals
  • Business continuity and disaster recovery planners and staff
  • IT managers and auditors
  • IT project managers
  • IT/system administration/network administration professionals
  • Operations managers
  • Cloud service managers and administrators
  • Cloud service security and risk managers
  • Cloud service integrators, developers, and brokers
  • IT security professionals managing vulnerabilities in the enterprise or cloud
  • Government IT professionals who manage vulnerabilities in the enterprise or cloud (FedRAMP)
  • Security or IT professionals who have team-lead or management responsibilities
  • Security or IT professionals who use or are planning to use cloud services
Course Topics
  • Overview
  • Identify
  • Analyze and Communicate
  • Treat
  • Buy-in, Program, and Maturity

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