Managing Skills for Non Managers – Level 1

Learn the basics of achieving organizational goals through motivating others and maximizing a team’s skills and potential without having direct authority. Participants in this course learn how to set and achieve organizational goals while maximizing team effectiveness through influencing and inspiring others; together with how to make the most of opportunities for collaboration, and how to manage conflict effectively. Note: This course is most effective when delivered using the Everything DiSC Workplace self-assessment as the framework for connecting the course objectives with the course content discussions.
There are no prerequisites for this course.
1 Day/Lecture & Lab
Anyone who needs to manage or lead others without authority, or without a formal reporting structure.
  • Action Centered Leadership—defining outcomes and results – what does success look like?
  • The Five Stages of Team development and implications for non-managers and team members
  • Motivating and working through – and with – others; key motivators to combine with influencing others,
  • Important Interpersonal Relationships to build and nurture
  • Leadership style preferences and the broad implications of each style
  • Managing team conflict.

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