Managing Skills for Non-Managers Level 2

Building on what was covered in Managing Skills for Non Managers Level 1 program, participants will dive deeper and explore the more advanced topics of leveraging influence, motivation, working through others, and communicating as a leader. Participants will also begin work on planning their development to further their leadership career. Note: This course is most effective when delivered using the Everything DiSC Workplace self-assessment as the framework for connecting the course objectives with the course content discussions.
Students should take ProTech’s Managing Skills for Non-Managers Level 1 before taking this course.
1 Day/Lecture & Lab
Anyone who needs to manage or lead others without authority, or without a formal reporting structure.
  • How to answer the question: “Are you a leader?” The importance of seeing yourself as a leader and establishing a leadership mindset
  • The role of Emotional Intelligence in getting results without authority
  • Communication and leadership
  • Influencing Others – the basis of influence and the ability to work with others without having authority
  • Leadership basics
  • Establishing Accountability & Performance Feedback – creating performance goals and giving performance feedback to encourage accountability, maximize team effectiveness, and overcome barriers to achieve higher levels of performance,
  • Dealing with Difficult Situations
  • Planning for your future as a leader

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