Managing the Human Dynamics of Change & Transition

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Managing the Human Dynamics of Change & Transition

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Change is all around us - at work and in our personal lives. Some people find our changing world confusing and overwhelming. Others are excited and stimulated by the possibilities that change offers: a fresh start, new things to learn, ways to make our lives more meaningful. Regardless, change is both stressful and necessary. In the workplace, we find ourselves needing to deal with non-stop change. So we try to understand it, ride the waves of change; hope we can get on board before it's too late. Or hope we can wait out the next round of changes and see things settle back down. The challenge for most of us is to understand the changes around us, deal effectively with our reactions, manage ourselves to make the best of it, and find the opportunities for ourselves and our workplaces. This course is designed to help employees and/or managers successfully manage the challenges and demands of non-stop change. The Learning Objectives and Outline below demonstrate how this course can be adapted for either employee groups or manager groups.

There are no prerequisites for this course.

1 Day/Lecture

This course is designed to for employees and/or managers who want to successfully manage the challenges and demands of non-stop change.

  • Change on Many Levels
  • Overview-Change and Transition
  • Strategies for Managing Ourselves
  • Understanding & Managing Resistance
  • Managing Ourselves (and Leading Others) Through the Three Phases
  • Leading Change Exercise (Managers)
  • Managing Change Exercise (Employees)
  • Practices and Commitments of Leaders (Managers)
  • Applying Learning to Current or Upcoming Change Initiative (Managers-can be adapted for employee groups)
  • Leaders' Action Plans Turn Ideas Into Actions (Managers)
  • Wrap-Up

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