Managing the Politics of IT Project Management

Training Summary
Overview: IT is an organization accused of letting projects drive timelines instead of timelines drive projects. Missing deadlines is indeed common as is extraordinary cost that comes in the form of overtime, external resources, and rework. Fundamentally Earned Value is not tracked. Even where Agile methodologies and alternative approaches to project management are attempted, projects simply do not have a crisp sense of user requirements, scope, timing, dependencies, and issue management. The politics of IT project management often include competing for resources, convincing the client community on the difference between "need vs. want" choices, getting sponsors to take action and demand compliance, even getting third parties to live up to their contracted commitments. Can IT projects transform into positive experiences that deliver value from code block to end-user? Most IT leaders believe they can, with some fundamental principles being applied to how we approach and manage projects overall. This learning event reinforces the knowledge, skills, and abilities that help IT technologists do a better job navigating the politics of project management.
There are no prerequisites for this course.
2 Days/Lecture & Lab
Course Topics
  • The Political Arena
  • IT Needs, Client Needs and Strategy
  • Scope in the Midst of Commitments, IT Architecture, and Governance
  • Discerning Nice to Have vs. Need to Have Functionality
  • Agreeing to Scope, Time, and Cost
  • Managing with Discipline: Earned Value, Gate Reviews, and Escalation
  • Holding Each Other Accountable: Business and IT Roles
  • Engaging the Sponsor, the Steering Committee, and a "Large and In Charge" Project Manager
  • Persuading Based in Architecture, Business Case, and Strategic Alignment
  • Improving Project Management by Improving Delivery Effectiveness

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