Manipulating Data with SAS Functions and Arrays

Training Summary
This course is a one-day subset of the SAS II course. It focuses solely on the DATA step and sheds much light on the power and functionality of the many Functions on the SAS System. An in-depth look is given to the Arrays, how to create them, how they work, and how to manipulate data with them. Includes many new SAS9 functions.
Students should have at least six months of experience using the SAS System, or have completed a fundamentals course in SAS programming.
1 Day/Lecture
This course is designed for beginning to intermediate users of SAS software who want to gain a deeper understanding of the art of transforming and manipulating data. This course focuses on the DATA step and goes into a great deal of detail on it's inner workings
Course Topics
  • Introduction to Data Manipulation Days
  • SAS Functions
  • DO Loops
  • Arrays

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