Mastering Azure Repos

Azure DevOps provides a set of cloud-hosted tools that software teams can use to quickly plan, develop, test, and deliver value in the form of working software. Azure Repos provide public or private Git repositories that enable better collaboration and cleaner code. In this course, students will work in teams, in a common team project, on a common codebase. This course contains several modules, progressively explaining how to setup and use Azure Repos in basic and advanced ways in order to manage changes to code in a team’s software development effort.
Some experience with version control is recommended. Experience with Git, Visual Studio, and C# are also helpful, but not required.
1 Day/Lecture & Lab
This course is appropriate for all software developers who are using or considering using Azure Repos for Git version control.
  • Introduction to Azure Repos
  • Git Concepts
  • Visual Studio Integration
  • Working with Azure Repos
  • Mastering Azure Repos

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