Mastering EJB 3.0 Applications

Our training is "technology centric". Although a specific application server product will be used throughout the course, the comprehensive labs and lessons geared towards teaching advanced JPA programming techniques, rather than focusing on the finer points of the tools in use. This course can be offered using any EJB 3.0 compliant application server. Our dedicated curriculum development team can easily customize our offerings to best suit your specific requirements.
Students should have at least one year of application development experience, preferably in two and three tier distributed application, as well as some familiarity with the architecture of client-server systems. Students should have prior experience with or in-depth exposure to EJB 3.0.
5 Days/Lecture & Lab
This an intermediate level JavaEE training course, designed for developers who need to get up and running with EJB3 programming skills immediately.
  • Enterprise JavaBeans 3.0
  • Writing EJB 3.0 Session Beans
  • Entities
  • Transaction Management
  • Security
  • Messaging

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