Mastering Java EE with JSF2, EJB3, JPA, and Web Services

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This class combines lectures with hands-on experience that will help students to understand JSF 2, EJB 3 and RESTful Web Services

Basic Java programming experience is required.

5 Days/Lecture & Lab

This course is designed for Intermediate Java Developers who are familiar with Java and HTML who want to understand JSF 2, EJB 3 and REST Web Services.

  • Introduction to the Course
  • Introduction to JSF
  • Writing JavaBeans
  • JEE Review
  • JSF Architecture
  • Request Processing and Navigation
  • Managed Beans and the JSF EL
  • JSF Components
  • Conversion and Validation
  • Event Handling
  • Panels and Data Tables
  • JSF and Internationalization
  • Introduction to EJB
  • EJB Fundamentals
  • Stateless Session Beans
  • Stateful Session Beans
  • Introduction to JMS
  • Message Driven EJBs
  • Introduction to Java Persistence
  • Developing with Java Persistence
  • JPA Entity Relationships
  • JPA Queries
  • Transactions and Security
  • Introduction to SOAP Web Services
  • Introduction to REST
  • Introduction to JAX-RS
  • JAX-RS and CRUD

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