Mastering Oracle Web Application Server

This course examines how to use Oracle's Webserver product to tap into the wealth of existing information stored in your organization's Oracle databases when developing Internet and Intranet applications. Beginning with an overview of the capabilities of the different version of Oracle Webserver, the student is guided through a step-by-step approach to developing complete Web applications. Through a series of increasingly complex, real-life examples, the use of the PL/SQL Web Toolkit is demonstrated and explained. The course concludes with the more advanced features of the product, like Server-Side Includes and the creation of Java applications.
The student should have some basic HTML knowledge and a strong knowledge of PL/SQL. It is required that the student has taken a Mastering Oracle PL/SQL 8 course and a Building Complete Database Systems with Oracle 8 course or have equivalent experience.
2 Days/Lecture & Lab
This course is designed for application developers, application designers, programmers/analysts, and development managers.
  • Introduction
  • Displaying information in HTML tables
  • Parameter passing between HTML documents and PL/SQL procedures
  • Creating lists
  • Processing HTML forms
  • Making use of Oracle built-in packages
  • Debugging techniques
  • Using the live wire interpreter for Server Side Includes (SSI)
  • Using the Java interpreter

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