Mastering Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) Analysis & Design

SOA Analysis and Design is a five day in-depth SOA analysis and design training course geared for software architects and designers who need to understand what SOA is, the impact of SOA, what it means in terms of today's systems and architectures, and how to apply the concepts in designing distributed architectures. Geared for software architects and designers, this course explores what services and service-oriented architectures are and what best practices and design patterns to use in designing SOA-based applications. This course presents a strong perspective on services as an essential and important part of enterprise systems as well as how to identify, design, and develop of complex services using sound analysis and design techniques and best programming practices. The course presents a clear portrait of how a service orientation can fundamentally change the dynamics of how software is developed and "lives" within an enterprise.
Attendees should have an extensive working knowledge of developing enterprise applications. Designing and analysis working knowledge is also extremely beneficial.
5 Days/Lecture & Lab
This an intermediate to advanced level SOA training course, designed for architects and analysts who need to identify, design, and lead the implementation of SOA projects. We will explore and apply the terminology, the specification, the processes and technologies specific to SOA.
Introduction to SOA::SOA in Depth::SOA Analysis and Design::Making SOA Work::SOA Patterns and Anti-Patterns::Path to Useful Web Service::Binding, Description, and Discovery::SOA Security

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