Mastering Virtualization with VMWare VI3.5

This course provides a detailed overview and examination of the VMware Infrastructure 3.5 product suite developed and sold by VMware, Inc. This class includes instructor lectures, hands-on lab exercises, and other educational resources associated with VMware ESX Server 3.5, VirtualCenter 2.5, and other related VMware enterprise virtualization technologies.
Students should be familiar with the Linux and/or UNIX operating systems and associated command line environment is recommended (but not required) for taking this class. Knowledge of Windows-based system administrative tasks and functions is also needed, as well as a good understanding of TCP/IP networking fundamentals.
5 Days/Lecture & Lab
This course benefits system architects and network administrators tasked with building and maintaining virtual infrastructure based upon the most recent VMware Infrastructure 3.5 line of enterprise virtualization products.
Introduction to Virtualization Technology::ESX Server 3.5 Installation and Configuration::ESX Server 3.5 Users and Groups::Managing ESX Server 3.5::ESX Server 3.5 Architecture and Internals::Virtual Networking and Switching Part I::Managing ISO Images::ESX Server 3.5 Storage Technologies::Guest Operating Systems::Scripted ESX Server 3.5 Installations::Start and Stop Virtual Machines Automatically::Virtual Networking and Switching Part II::Snapshots::Performance Monitoring and Reporting::Managing ESX Server 3.5 Resources::ESX Server 3.5 Security::ESX Server 3.5 Backup and Recovery::VirtualCenter 2.5 Install and Configure::Update Manager::VirtualCenter 2.5 Virtual Machine Cloning::VirtualCenter 2.5 Virtual Machine Templates::VirtualCenter 2.5 Cold Migration::VirtualCenter 2.5 Live Migration with VMotion::VirtualCenter 2.5 Live Migration with Storage VMotion::VirtualCenter 2.5 High Availability::VirtualCenter 2.5 Distributed Resource Scheduling

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