MC 300 - Mastering Multi-Cam in the Avid Environment

Training Summary
This course is designed for those who seek a better understanding of multi-cam and the ability and confidence to manage complex projects in the Avid Environment. Instruction provides a comprehensive exploration of tools and workflow solutions for the post professional or aspiring AE. A variety of strategies and considerations for more effective pre-production planning are also presented. Delivered on Avid Media Composer/Symphony, classroom instruction employs multiple genres and escalates from a quick review of basic grouping to address even the most challenging post scenarios. The immersive, practical hands-on exercises, are embedded with a variety of "real world" trouble spots and pre-production breakdowns, simulating those most often encountered in the daily work of the industry. Lecture, demonstration, alongside step-by- step exercises, will leave editors and assistants syncing, stacking, and multi-grouping with the confidence and of a seasoned professional.
Students should have also completed Media Composer Fundamentals I or equivalent, and completion of Media Composer Fundamentals II, is highly recommended.
3 Days/Lecture & Lab
Those who can benefit from this Mastering Multi-Cam in the Avid Environment course include:
  • Editors
  • Assistant Editors
  • Post-Production Supervisors
  • Technical Support personnel
  • Producers of non-scripted television, documentary, or live event multi-cam productions
Course Topics
  • Organization of Multi-Cam Materials
  • Alternate Logging Methods
  • Basics of Multi-Cam Editing
  • SYNC MAP SUCCESS: Grouping of Non-Synchronous Timecoded Material

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