MICROFOCUS COBOL for Programmers

This course covers the topics in an Entry Level COBOL course except those dealing with program logic, which students will already know from their experience in another application development language.
Programming experience in a procedural language such as C, C++, PL/I, Assembler, and so on is necessary to complete the course in five to seven days. Non-procedural languages such as VB or JAVA will extend the class to at least ten days. Participants must know procedural logic as this is not presented in this course. Additional time is recommended if students have limited programming experience. For participants without a programming background, we suggest our Entry-Level COBOL Programming class, which includes logic, utilities, tools, and application development methodologies.
5 Days/Lecture & Lab
Experienced programmers who will be responsible for developing and maintaining COBOL application programs.
Language Structure::Basic Input/Output::Data Handling::Arithmetic Operations::Program Control::Input/Output Processing::Creating and Processing Tables::Implementing Table Processing::Subprogram Linkage::Implementing Subprogram Linkage::Additional COBOL Verbs and Capabilities::Converting Programs from IBM/COBOL to MicroFocus COBOL (Optional)::Testing and Debugging

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