Mobile UX Design- Interaction Design for Mobile

Training Summary
UX Design has revolutionized user adoption of mobile. Mobile has become a more convenient way for many users to access certain information or manage their lives. There are probably more examples of great visual mobile design than Desktop or Websites or Web applications. But not all mobile sites and apps resonate with users. Users uninstall apps in the blink of an eye, and leave mobile sites, in many cases to continue on the Desktop. Today, UX design for mobile faces challenges for user attention, relevancy of content and functionality, and accuracy of desirable features and flow.
There are no prerequisites for this course.
1 Day/Lecture & Lab
This course is designed for those seeking insight into what User Centered Design looks like for mobile, with an aim to help you grasp the building blocks of mobile adoption and retention. We will help you create compelling, differentiated and desirable user experiences for mobile.
Course Topics
  • Keys to crafting a differentiated mobile UX Strategy
  • Task‐oriented design techniques for mobile
  • Consumer versus Productivity oriented apps and sites
  • 10 Material Design Guidelines for Mobile (including implications of Material for iOS)
  • The Responsive Design checklist
  • Progressive Web Apps vs Native vs HTML 5 app UX issues
  • Learning from Android and iOS UX mobile patterns
  • Designing for Users (persona centric mobile design)
  • Key Mobile UX interaction patterns for Gesture and Speech
  • 5 keys to Approaching Visual Design for Mobile
  • Choosing UI sequences and progressive disclosure for mobile
  • 10 Social UX and social features for mobile (Strategy and Tactics)
  • 3 Important Mobile Navigation considerations
  • Push Notifications, In-app messaging, Individualized interactions
  • How to design for context-sensitivity (Mobile and Internet of Things)
  • Conducting rapid User testing for your mobile app or site
  • Assessing Context, Error, Intuitiveness in your app design (FREE Scorecard)
  • Managing the Mobile UX lifecycle

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