MOC 10993 B: Integrating On-Premises Identity Infrastructure with Microsoft Azure

This course teaches IT professionals how to integrate their on-premises AD DS environment with Azure AD and how to use Azure AD as a directory service. It also teaches candidates how to use Azure RMS to protect sensitive documents. Additionally, it focusses on how to enhance authentication with multi-factor authentication and how to monitor directory synchronization health.
In addition to their professional experience, students who attend this training should already have the following technical knowledge: Experience with AD DS concepts and technologies in Windows Server 2012 or Windows Server 2016.Experience working with and configuring Windows Server 2012 or Windows Server 2016.Basic experience with Windows PowerShell.Basic experience with cloud services such as Microsoft Office 365.Basic experience with the Azure platform.Basic experience with identities on premises or in cloud.
2 Days/Lecture & Lab
The primary audience for this course is existing IT professionals who have some knowledge and experience with Azure, and advanced experience with the Windows Server operating system. In addition, IT professionals who take this course typically want to develop knowledge of identity services integration between on-premises services and cloud services. This would typically include:AD DS administrators who are looking to train in cloud identity and access technologies.System or infrastructure administrators with general AD DS experience and knowledge, who are looking for more advanced identity training for Azure services.
  • Introducing Azure AD
  • Integrating on-premises AD DS with Azure
  • Using Azure AD as a directory service in hybrid environments
  • Configuring and protecting authentication in hybrid environments
  • Deploying Azure RMS with on-premises services
  • Monitoring Azure AD

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