MOC 40043 A Windows 8 UX Design Workshop

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This workshop is created using the flipped classroom approach. In a flipped classroom approach, students learn the concepts at their own pace and outside of the classroom. They learn the concepts prior to attending the classroom. In the classroom, they apply the concepts by working on the labs.The hands-on labs will help designers and developers apply and reinforce their learning with respect to:Design principles underlying Windows Store applications Recommended approach and processes for designing the user experience (UX) of Windows Store applications Guidelines and requirements for designing Windows Store application user interfaces

Before attending this workshop, students:Must have viewed the Windows 8 UX Design Jump Start materials.Must have familiarity with the Windows 8 user interface.Must have familiarity with Windows Store applications and their user interface conventions.Should have experience with the principles and techniques of user experience and user interface design

2 Days/Lecture & Lab

The primary audience of these labs is designers of Windows 8 store applications (user experience designers, interaction designers and visual designers). A secondary audience is developers of Windows 8 store applications who are charged with user interface design, or who need to be familiar with the guidelines and processes of Windows Store application user experience design in order to work with designers, or designers' deliverables.

  • Introduction
  • Less is More
  • Navigation
  • Layout
  • UI Elements
  • Day 2
  • Introduction
  • Snapping and Scaling
  • Charms, Contracts and Extensions
  • Tiles and Notifications

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