MOC 40536 A: Build iOS Apps with C# and .NET using the Xamarin Tools for VS

During this course, C# .NET developers will learn how to build iOS mobile applications using the Xamarin tools for Visual Studio. Topics include the basics of mobile development, storing, retrieving, and displaying data in iOS, and building a responsive, native UI using the Xamarin.iOS designer.
Before attending this course, students must have basic knowledge of C# and six months of experience developing using .NET.
3 Days/Lecture & Lab
This course is intended for developers with at least basic C# knowledge with 6-12 months of .NET experience. Students should own and/or have used an iOS device and be familiar with the paradigms of the platform. Some courses delivered in this agenda can count towards the Xamarin certification progress, exclusively available through Xamarin University.
Getting Started with Xamarin (XAM101)
  • Introduction to Xamarin.iOS (IOS101)
  • Using the Xamarin.iOS Designer (IOS102)
  • TableViews in iOS (IOS110)
  • Consuming REST-based Web Services (XAM150)
  • SQLite and Mobile Data (XAM160)
  • Customizing Table Views (IOS115)
  • Navigation Patterns (IOS205)
  • Backgrounding Modes and File Transfers in iOS (IOS210)

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