MOC 55049 A: PowerPivot, Power View, and SharePoint 2013 BI Center for Analysts

This two-day instructor-led course concentrates on PowerPivot and Power View in Excel 2013. The attendees will learn how to surface the workbooks and visualizations using the Business Intelligence Center in SharePoint 2013. As far as possible each of the modules is stand-alone allowing for customization of the course for those audiences that may not have an interest in a certain service.

2 Days/Lecture & Lab

This course is intended for analysts, business intelligence (BI) developers, and IT professionals that will be involved with the design, development, and maintenance of Excel workbooks utilizing PowerPivot and Power View 2013 to be surfaced on SharePoint.

  • Course Overview
  • PowerPivot
  • Power View
  • SharePoint 2013 Business Intelligence Center

Before attending this course, students must have experience with Excel 2007 or higher, and an understanding of PivotTables.

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