MOC 55061 A PerformancePoint 2013 and MDX Combo Pack

This six-day instructor-led course provides students with the necessary knowledge to work with PerformancePoint 2013 Services. The new and improved Business Intelligence Center is explored, and all the exciting new features within the SharePoint 2013 release are covered.The focus of this course is on the SharePoint 2013 business intelligence platform and not on the SQL business intelligence services.PowerPivot and Dashboards have included modules. Using the current set of tools that Microsoft has available the average user can with minimum training utilize drag-and-drop to get the answers to questions such as: sales by quarter, reseller gross profit, and products purchased by geography. They can also create graphical reports and KPIs all without writing a single line of code! (Microsoft course 50561A)But what if you need questions like this answered?What are the top 5 customers by country over the last 8 quarters?What is our reorder point based on inventory levels?What are our best customers in terms of volume and gross profit?What effect does shipping cost have on profitability on a geographical distribution?How do we calculate the year-to-date value?How do we do year-over-year growth?When looking at manufacturing how do we account only for workdays?Enter Microsoft Multidimensional Expressions (MDX). This instructor-led course is designed to take a person from the very beginning, think "Hello World" in programing to journeyman. The first chapters (1-4) get you well-grounded then from there we expand out. You won't know how to do every MDX query. You won't look at every function. But you will understand the patterns and from them you can examine examples and build on them to code your own sophisticated queries. The MBAs will love you!
Before attending this course, students must have:A good idea of what direction their organization wants to go with business intelligence.Basic Microsoft interface skills such as working with Excel.
6 Days/Lecture & Lab
This course is intended for power users, business intelligence developers, and IT professionals that will be involved with the design, development and maintenance of SharePoint 2013 business intelligence solutions.If the past is any indicator of the future then this course will be attended mainly by SQL professionals, Microsoft Analysis Services cube and report developers, and business intelligence professionals coming from competing platforms. But you do not need those skills. The course was not written assuming those skills.
  • Course Overview
  • The Microsoft Business Intelligence Stack
  • SharePoint 2013 Business Intelligence Center
  • PerformancePoint 2013
  • PowerPivot
  • Dashboards
  • Reviewing The Microsoft Business Intelligence Stack
  • Getting Started with MDX
  • The All-Important Dimensions; The Bearers of Truth
  • Navigation and the Secrets Of Relatives
  • MDX Calculations
  • Working with Time, Multiple Calendars, and Divergent Horizons
  • Business Insights; Now Let's Put It to Work and Get Some Situational Answers
  • Where Else Will MDX Work? SQL Reports
  • KPIs and MDX in The Business Intelligence Development Studio Editor

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