MOC 55202 A: PowerShell 5.0 and Desired State Configuration

Training Summary
Course 55202 is designed to get you up and running with Desired State Configuration (DSC). PowerShell DSC was introduced in version 4 and has been greatly expanded and enhanced in version 5. DSC goes hand-in-glove with implementation of DevOps the revolutionary methodology to join the development and operations teams. Now you can "declare" your desired environment and the DSC structure will "make it so" and keep it so!
The students are expected to understand the basics of PowerShell either through attending introductory courses or having gained the experience through some other method.
2 Days/Lecture & Lab
This is considered a skillset that all operations team need to master, and all developers should be familiar with the technology so they can develop DSC Resources to be used in deploying their software.
Course Topics
  • Course Overview
  • PowerShell 5.0 Desired State Configuration Introduction
  • DSC Architecture
  • DSC Configuration Files
  • DSC Resources
  • DSC Pull and Push Servers

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