MOC 55267 A Mastering Angular

This training will take you from being an average Angular developer to a great one. You'll gain more insight in the workings of Angular and you'll explore more advanced programming techniques like RxJS and working with Redux. Advanced Forms will hold no secrets and you will acquire the assets to make your Angular application production ready. This course is constantly being updated to the latest version of Angular, currently Angular 6.
The prerequisites for this course are:
  • Experience with TypeScript.
  • Experience with Angular.
  • An IDE for web development like Visual Studio Code or WebStorm
2 Days/Lecture & Lab
This course targets professional web developers that really want to master Angular. Participants of this course need to have a decent understanding of Angular and TypeScript
  • Reactive Extensions for JavaScript
  • Change Detection
  • State management with Redux
  • Bringing Redux to Angular with ngrx
  • The ngrx Store
  • ngrx Reducers
  • Smart and Dumb Components
  • Structuring an Application
  • Forms Advanced
  • Angular Universal

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