Model Based Systems Engineering with OOSEM

This course introduces model-driven systems engineering using the UML Profile for Systems Engineering (OMG SysML(tm)). Students will apply systems engineering principles in developing a comprehensive model of a solution to the class problem, using modern systems engineering development tools and by executing the OOSEM development methodology. The methodology begins with the presentation of a desired capability and leads the students through the performance of activities and the creation of work products to support requirements definition, architecture description and system design. The methodology offers suggestions for how to transition to specialty engineering, with an emphasis on interfacing with software engineering activities.
Students should have experience with systems or software engineering in building large, complex systems. Experience using one or more structured analysis/design, object or component methods is desirable.
4 Days/Lecture & Lab
This course is designed for system engineers, system architects, software architects/engineers, project managers, and others who want to learn how the SysML can improve how they architect, analyze, design, and manage complex systems will benefit from this workshop. This class is best for clients who do not have a methodology chosen.
  • Introduction to OMG SysML
  • Transitioning to Model-Based Systems Engineering
  • The System Development Process - OOSEM
  • OOSEM - Analyzing Stakeholder Needs
  • OOSEM - Analyzing System Requirements
  • OOSEM - Manage Requirements Traceability
  • OOSEM - Optimize and Evaluate Alternatives
  • OOSEM - Defining the logical Architecture
  • The role of functional analysis in an object-oriented world using a modified V
  • The OMG SysML Language Architecture
  • Block Definition Diagrams
  • Internal Block Diagrams
  • Blocks, Ports, Parts, Connectors and flows
  • SysML Behaviors
  • SysML allocation of behavior
  • OOSEM - Synthesize Candidate Architectures
  • Parametric Analysis
  • Design Synthesis
  • Verification
  • Systems Engineering Process Outputs
  • Technical Reviews and Audits
  • Extending SysML - stereotypes, tag values and model libraries
  • Deploying SysML into an Organization
  • Trade Studies
  • Modeling and Simulation Overview

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