Modeling Business Processes

Training Summary
Modeling Business Processes: Using Structured Systems Analysis offers a clear and logical approach to capturing, evaluating and communicating business processes using the graphic modeling techniques of Structured Analysis. As organizations attempt to redefine obsolete and ineffective work processes, this seminar provides the required basic skills needed to model and study business systems. The result of this process also establishes a foundation for more advanced business analysis.
There are no prerequisites for this session. Ideally, participants have attended training on general business analysis concepts such as Business Analysis Fundamentals. This course should be taken before attending either Reengineering Business Processes or Designing Application Systems.
3 Days/Lecture & Lab
This audience often includes designated systems analysts, business analysts, reengineers, TQM specialists, project managers, team members, operations specialists, industrial engineers, systems engineers, software engineers, interface designers and technology specialists. Various staff managers may find this seminar series informative if they wish to understand the total analysis process.
Course Topics
  • What is Structured Analysis?
  • What are the components of a business system?
  • How to model a business system.
  • How to create Data Flow Diagrams.
  • How to evaluate Data Flow Diagrams.
  • How to create leveled Data Flow Diagrams.
  • How to create Mini Specifications.
  • How to create Data Dictionary definitions.

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