Modern Java

Training Summary
Over twenty years after its inception, Java continues to be one of the most utilized programming languages in the world. But the software industry has changed dramatically during this time and so has Java. Java has evolved from its simple object-oriented and imperative roots to one that embraces reactive, modular, and functional programming paradigms. The outcome is Modern Java. This course will present you the most up to date features of Java, including the modular system, the REPL engine, type inference and the reactive programming. It will also take you on a deep dive in functional programming and offer a complete discussion on parallel and concurrent programming in Java – essential to all modern, core Java developers. This course will combine theoretical with practical examples and generous amounts of lab time to ensure the material presented is fully understood. It covers four learning modules over three days. Students will complete the course with a solid understanding of modern programming in Java 8 through 16.
There are no prerequisites for this course.
3 Days/Lecture & Lab
The course is modern take on Java and can be attended by beginner or advanced Java developers. It covers many of the new features that have been added in Java 8 through 16 that reset the baseline for modern programming in Java. Students should take this advanced Java training if interested in learning more about the Java programming language in order to learn advanced programming techniques and concepts. Be prepared to participate and ask questions in class, as well as dive in and complete a variety of small labs (which can be done collaboratively with other class members).
Course Topics
  • Modularity with JPMS
  • Functional programming in Java
  • Concurrent and Parallel programming in Java
  • Modern features of Java

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