Modern Web Development with HTML5, CSS3, Libraries & JavaScript (for new web developers)

Training Summary
This course is geared towards new web developers looking to boost their productivity and gain awareness of the newest features and industry best practices in core web technologies. A balanced mixture of theory and practical labs are designed to arm students with the skills needed to be more effective developers. Students develop multiple working browser applications using AJAX and REST APIs to create, read, update and delete data from a server. We begin with an overview of Modern Web Development and discussion of current popular frameworks including Angular, React, and Ember. This helps students get a sense of the current development environment for browser, desktop and mobile applications. Students will learn and practice fundamental concepts with hands-on development using the 3 pillars of Web Dev: HTML5, CSS3 and Modern JavaScript (ES6+). Students leverage many development tools during the course, including working with Node.Js, npm, build tools, linters (code quality), and automated testing frameworks. Numerous demo projects and resources are shared for continued, deeper learning.
Students should know how to navigate the Windows operating system and understand variables, functions and for loops. Ideally students already have some existing web development experience, even if it was not recently. Those with less web dev experience are still positioned to learn a lot, as this course focuses on best practices with fundamentals from the ground up.
5 Days/Lecture & Lab
Experienced developers who have been self-taught or can otherwise benefit from focused training and understanding of best practices that can be followed in web development.
Course Topics
  • Overview of Modern Web Development & Node
  • Working with Browsers
  • Foundations: HTML
  • Foundations: CSS3
  • Foundations: JavaScript
  • HTML5 Features and Tags
  • Practical CSS3
  • Modern JavaScript Essentials
  • Client-Side Web APIs
  • Overview of Unit Testing JavaScript

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