MongoDB Training for Java Developers and Architects

Training Summary
MongoDB Essentials aims at equipping the attendees with essential knowledge and working experience to set up and manage a production level MongoDB cluster. The course begins with introduction to NoSQL paradigm and covers MongoDB comprehensively, which includes basic concepts of MongoDB, working with collections & documents, schema design (in comparison with relational schema design), aggregation framework, replication, sharding and performance tuning concepts. The course also includes hands-on deployment and working with highly available and scalable MongoDB cluster and best practices to deploy sharded MongoDB cluster on Amazon Web Services (AWS).
There are no prerequisites for this course.
3 Days/Lecture & Labs
Course Topics
  • Introduction to NoSQL Architecture with MongoDB
  • How does MongoDB compare to other NoSQL solutions and to traditional databases
  • MongoDB a gateway drug to NoSQL
  • Caveats and Problems that MongoDB is not good at solving
  • The sweet-spot for MongoDB
  • Installing and setting up MongoDB
  • Working with Database, Collections, Document, Fields
  • Using the console (with lab)
  • Introduction to MongoDB commands (with lab)
  • Creating a Database, Collection and Documents (with lab)
  • Simple Querying (with lab)
  • Understanding and working with indexes (with lab)
  • Architecture Deep Dive
  • Working with Replica Sets
  • What is the simplest setup to get started?
  • Working with Journaling
  • Understanding data safety versus throughput tradeoffs
  • Autosharding who should use it and tradeoffs
  • Massively scaling MongoDB
  • Know your application and don't kill a flea with a sledge hammer
  • Using the MongoDB Aggregation Framework
  • Using Map Reduce with MongoDB
  • Java and MongoDB
  • Setting up MongoDB and Java
  • Setting up Eclipse to work with MongoDB
  • Working with Databases and Collections (with lab)
  • Creating documents (with lab)
  • Performing queries (with lab)
  • Working with aggregation API (with lab)
  • Optional Working with Spring Data and MongoDB or Morphia/MongoDB

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