MS-200T03-A: Managing Messaging High Availability and Disaster Recovery

In this course you’ll learn about the traditional and modern solutions for messaging high availability and disaster recovery. Messaging systems have become increasingly complex, given the abundance of new features that have been added the last few years, as well as the increased importance placed on availability and disaster recovery. The traditional approaches for high availability and disaster recovery are still present and exist primarily on the hardware layer, such as RAID systems for storage, block device replication, and archiving solutions using external storage. While Microsoft Exchange supports these traditional approaches, it also offers solutions that modernize high availability and disaster recovery by providing solutions directly integrated into the messaging systems. This includes such things as continuous replication and retention solutions that are built directly inside the message databases. This saves administrators a lot of time and effort maintaining different layers of foreign solutions on hardware and software. In this course, you’ll be introduced to each solution, you’ll learn when to use the one or the other, you’ll learn how to plan a deployment, and how to perform the actual implementation. This class is part of the following 5-day comprehensive class:
This course is designed for persons who are aspiring to the Microsoft 365 Messaging Administrator role.
2 Days/Lecture & Lab
The Messaging Administrator should have a working knowledge of authentication types, licensing, and integration with Microsoft 365 applications.
  • High Availability for Exchange Servers
  • Managing Disaster Recovery
  • Managing Public Folders

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