Mt OS X 301 OS X Directory Services 10.8

This three-day course is designed to take Server support technicians and Mac users deep inside the Mt Lion Server operating system. The course will cover everything needed to successfully Perform File Systems administration, management and troubleshooting of an OS X Mt Lion Server. Students will be able to demonstrate their new knowledge though 1:1 labs , specifically designed to enhance their learning experience. This course is ideally suited to provide the knowledge required to support an Enterprise Deployment of an OS X Mt Lion Server Solution. In working with OS X Mt Lion Server, students learn how to run a robust, scalable directory system using Apples Open Directory server. Students also learn how to use OS X Mt Lion Server to augment an existing directory service infrastructure.
Students should have the following prerequisite knowledge prior to attending this course:Basic troubleshooting experience or Mountain Lion 101Basic Mountain Lion Server experience or Mountain Lion 201Experience using CLI with OS X
2 Days/Lecture & Lab
This course is designed for system administrators and IT professionals who need to gain specific knowledge about directory services, how to effectively configure Mac OS X computers to access directory services, and configure Mac OS X Server to provide directory services in a mixed-platform environment.
  • Understand the Local Directory Services on OS X Client and Server
  • Bind your OS X Client and Server to Active Directory
  • Configure OS X to work with third party LDAP services
  • Understand and use an Open Directory Master and Replica configuration
  • Manage authentication and authorization for local and network users

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